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Our Managing Partner & Principal, Scott Wood, recently wrote an article for an industry publication on “Being a True Partner with Your Clients (and Prospects).”

As an employee benefits advisory and brokerage firm, Benefit Commerce Group analyzes, recommends and facilitates implementation of benefits programs for employers. We meet with HR professionals, CFO/Finance leaders and CEOs. Our focus is not on what we do and offer, but on what our clients do, what they aspire to and what they need.

The article lays out the importance of understanding and caring about the business and goals (personal and professional) of clients and prospects. The main sections are:

  • Understand their business
  • Provide strategies
  • Make their life easier
  • Ready to move on

The ideas in this article are ones that we have talked about frequently and put into practice at Benefit Commerce Group. For our team, it provides good reminders of core principles that we apply, whether we are working with a client or prospect.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these principles have become even more critical, but they are important no matter what the current economic or social environment is.

A few of the points made in the article:

  • Focus on what they need, now and on a long-term basis.
  • Ask about their successes and their challenges.
  • Find and offer ways to help them with their challenges, whether the resources are part of the products and services you provide or not.
  • Provide strategies that sync with their organization’s culture, goals and objectives.
  • Provide sources and resources that can make their life easier.
  • Help them get recognition for their successes.
  • Help your contacts find new positions when they are ready to move on.

CLICK HERE to read the full article