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RU-DY, RU-DY, RU-DY! — Inspires at Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast | Benefit Commerce Group

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Visualize where you want to be and where you want to go. Even if you are not a football fan or football historian, you probably know RUDY, just by his first name. Rudy Ruettiger, legendary Notre Dame football star and inspiration for the movie, Rudy, was our featured speaker at the November 7th Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast Event. He used humor and stories about his own life to inspire the crowd and deliver his message. Benefit Commerce Group is proud to be the Title Sponsor of the Phoenix division of Accelerent.  Accelerent is a business development organization that works to bring companies together to build strategic business relationships. As Title Sponsor, Benefit Commerce Group promotes Accelerent within the local business community, assists in identifying and recruiting other partners and facilitates introductions to business leaders. In opening remarks at the event, BCG’s Executive Vice President & Principal, Chris Hogan, welcomed the capacity crowd (well over 300 attendees) to the new venue for these events: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, 420 W. Watkins Road in Phoenix.  He commented on this amazing organization and said that holding this event there was a great reminder that being a member of a community like Accelerent is about more than just helping each other’s businesses grow; it is also about supporting those who have nowhere else to turn, which is part of the mission statement of St. Vincent de Paul. For more information on this life-changing organization, go to https://www.stvincentdepaul.net/. Chris said that BCG is fortunate to work with a diverse group of local employers as our clients, but partnering with the many non-profit organizations that we serve is something extra special.  Every dollar we can save for a non-profit is a dollar that gets to work in our community, making it better and stronger.  He provided several examples of savings for our clients that totaled in the millions of dollars for each one. Lessons from Rudy… Throughout his life, Rudy never lost sight of his dreams.  As he grew up, he found his “why” in life by focusing on what he could do – not on what he couldn’t. The son of an oil refinery worker and the 3rd of 14 children, Rudy rose from valleys of discouragement and despair to the pinnacles of success.  His upbringing (school and his father) taught him character is important in life. Rudy focused on that, and it helped him achieve his first dream:  to attend the University of Notre Dame…and then to play football for the Fighting Irish. He incredibly made his mark on Notre Dame and the nation in less than half a minute.  As fans cheered RU-DY, RU-DY, he sacked the quarterback in the last 27 seconds of the only play in the only game of his college football career.  And, he is the only player in Notre Dame’s history to be carried off the field on his teammates’ shoulders. At the Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast, Rudy shared some of his favorite stories that demonstrate many of the principles that have been important to his life:
  • Have gratitude.
  • Don’t judge others.
  • Have heart, focus on your community.
  • Change your thoughts and you can change the world.
The movie that helped make Rudy a legend is 26 years old, but, just like the man himself, it stands the test of time because it focuses on core values:  Character, Collaboration, Commitment. In addition to his work as a motivational speaker, Rudy co-founded the RUDY FOUNDATION, whose mission is to strengthen communities by offering scholarships in education, sports, and the performing arts.  He also has co-authored several books, including: RUDY’S INSIGHTS FOR WINNING IN LIFE; RUDY’S LESSONS FOR YOUNG CHAMPIONS, RUDY & FRIENDS; THE RUDY IN YOU; and RUDY: MY STORY. For more details about Rudy and his foundation, go to:  https://www.rudyinternational.com/home This was the last of five Breakfast events in 2019.  The next Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast Event will be in February, as we begin our 2020 schedule.  NOTE:  These Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group events are held on an invitation-only basis.