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We have released a short video that our clients can use to inform and educate their employees on telemedicine.

Our video is less than 4 minutes long: Why and How to Use Telemedicine. Link to the video

Telemedicine in various forms was already growing, but COVID-19 supercharged its expansion.
  • 4,347% growth in telehealth claims to private insurers year-over-year
  • Over 33% of telehealth claims during the pandemic have been for mental health
  • Growth has been across all ages and demographics

We also provided our clients with more statistics on the growth in telemedicine are available in this infographic created by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

Our clients are finding it to be a great reminder/educational piece to help motivate employees to use telemedicine, when appropriate. We customize the video for our clients, to include information specific to their program, including contact info, just as we did with our EAP video earlier this year.

Take a look at our news release

For more information on the video and how we are customizing for clients, contact Nancy Zalud, nancy@benefitcommerce.com.