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Our Accelerent June 13th Breakfast Event with Amelia Rose Earhart | Benefit Commerce Group

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“Turbulence reminds us that we are in flight!” Amelia Rose Earhart shared some high-flying inspiration at the Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast Event on Thursday, June 13th. Although not actually related to the famous 20th century flyer, her life’s work has been motivated by her namesake and her passion for aviation.  In addition to her own achievements as a pilot, she established the Fly with Amelia Foundation to provide scholarships for girls who want to attend flight school. Benefit Commerce Group is proud to be the Title Sponsor of the Phoenix division of Accelerent.  Accelerent is a business development organization that works to bring companies together to build strategic business relationships. As Title Sponsor, Benefit Commerce Group promotes Accelerent within the local business community, assists in identifying and recruiting other partners and facilitates introductions to business leaders. In opening remarks at the event, BCG’s CEO, Scott Wood, commented on the growth of the Phoenix division of Accelerent, as BCG rounds out its first year as Title Sponsor.  With capacity crowds at all of the most recent breakfast events, the organization has added new partners and expanded its reach and scope. During Earhart’s presentation, she made several strong points:
  • Turbulence often occurs when you are crossing mountains.
  • Having something to live for and something to lose makes you passionate to live and create.
  • The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.
  • “You don’t have to be related to Amelia Earhart to relate to Amelia Earhart!”
Amelia Rose Earhart was inspired to become a pilot and fly around the world in a single engine plane, which she did in 2014.  Through the Fly with Amelia Foundation she is helping to inspire other young women to become pilots and fly the planes of the future. For more information, go to:  http://www.flywithamelia.org/ The next Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast Event will be Thursday, September 26th, with guest speaker, James Kane.  His message about LOYALTY is engaging and important for both business and personal lives:
  • What it means to be loyal
  • How and why loyalty exists
  • What organizations and individuals need to do to achieve loyalty
  • For more information: http://www.jameskane.com/
NOTE:  Accelerent events are held on an invitation-only basis.