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Our 5th Annual AZ Benefits Benchmarking Results: HR & Benefits Data to Help Enhance Your Programs | Benefit Commerce Group

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More than 320 Arizona employers have participated so far this year in our employee benefits survey.  The number of participants is growing each year.  The results were presented at our seminar on June 5th at The Camby in Phoenix. Your organization can still participate and receive valuable benchmarking information—including an online analysis that shows how your benefits compare to others in Arizona, the nation, your specific industry, city, size and other customizable benchmarks.  See below for a link to the survey. Over 225 registered for our seminar to learn how competing employers are handling employee benefits to help attract and retain employees.  They also heard an inspiring presentation on How to Create a Culture that Sets Your Organization Apart. Our Benchmarking Survey Participation Continues to Grow In the first five years of this survey, over 800 Arizona employers have participated. The survey highlights the continuing concerns of mid-size employers in our state (50-5,000 employees) about costs and strategies for employee benefit programs. It benchmarks a wide range of employee benefits data against other Arizona employers and employers nationally, with actionable information that employers use to improve their benefit programs. Participation in the Arizona survey has increased each year:
  • More than 320 employers already have participated in the survey this year.
  • Current survey participation represents:
    • 175,000+ employees
    • $1.7 billion health care dollars spent
  • 400 employers are expected to participate by the close of the survey in late autumn.
In addition to Arizona employers, the survey results include data from thousands of mid-sized employers nationally, representing over $8.9 billion of annual healthcare spend and more than 787,000 employees. Highlights of Survey Results The overall survey results showed that:
  • Employers in our state have been early adopters of high deductible health plans (HDHPs) which emphasize healthcare consumerism, significantly exceeding the national average. Of the Arizona employers in the survey, 74 percent offered an HDHP, compared to the national average of 63 percent.
  • For traditional copay plans often referred to as PPO plans, although deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums have increased and are higher than the national averages, coinsurance and doctor office visit copays, on average, have stayed the same in Arizona for five years.
  • Arizona employers are more active than the national average in managing the cost of their employee health plans. See our news release for more details.
Weylman:  How to Set Your Organization Apart In addition to the employee benefits benchmarking date, the Results Seminar featured C. Richard Weylman, a business consultant and author of three international best-selling books.  He presented a topic specifically targeted to the HR and C-suite audience: How to Create a Culture that Sets Your Organization Apart. Weylman’s clients range from the American Cancer Society, to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, to Gulf Stream Aerospace and John Deere, to the Minnesota Vikings who have moved from 17th in NFL revenue to 7th in one year. Still time to participate! Employers can continue to participate in the survey through November to receive an Individual Custom Report, benchmarking their employee benefits against hundreds of mid-size Arizona employers and thousands of mid-size employers nationally.  By participating in this survey, your organization also will be able to receive an online analysis conducted specifically for your industry and other customizable data points.  For more information, go to our Benchmarking Survey website page. Or, go right to the survey HERE. Read more