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Our 3-part Webinar Series Will Clarify HR Tech Issues | Benefit Commerce Group

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HR Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but is it working? Employee benefits and HR systems are important. But, we believe you have better things to do than struggling your way through an extensive RFP process of HR software vendors, hoping that all they promised is attainable and is what you/your company needs for future success. So what are your biggest benefits admin issues? Here is what we hear most often – ⦁ Managing data files and integrating with payroll without errors ⦁ Accessing a customer support person who can really help ⦁ Compliance and reporting ⦁ Having a system that supports the employee life cycle from hire-to-retire ⦁ Sorting through hundreds of possible vendors and finding one we can trust All HR Technology firms are NOT created equal. We have the exclusive relationship in Arizona with the nation’s largest mid-market HR technology consulting firm that has essentially become our HR Technology department. Our HR Tech experts track 400+ vendors and separate them by their: ⦁ Technology and its ease of use ⦁ Service and support provided to employers Our goal is to find the best fit for you—at the best price. ⦁ We won’t promote any one vendor. ⦁ Our partnerships and expertise can leverage savings for you, sometimes up to 30-40% off retail prices. Let us demystify the world of HR Technology for you! Our partner, Benefit Technology Resources (BTR), will be co-presenting an informative 3-part webinar series on April 3rd, April 25th and May 9th. Throughout this series, you will begin by learning to navigate through facts vs. myths of the HR Technology space and go all the way to understanding how to set your company up for a successful implementation of your chosen HR systems. 2019 HR Technology 3-Part Webinar SeriesHRCI credit for attending! 1. HR Tech Myths: Wednesday, April 3rd — 10:00 A.M., AZ time 2. The Evolution of Ben Admin & What You Need to Know: Thursday, April 25th — 10:00 A.M., AZ time 3. Best Practices for Implementing HR Technology: Thursday, May 9th — 10:00 A.M., AZ time REGISTER TODAY for our webinar series. BE SURE to register for EACH of the dates, so all 3 webinars will be added to your calendar!