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Why Your Employees Need to Understand the IRS Process | Benefit Commerce Group

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Did you hear that the IRS changed its process on individual tax returns following President Trump’s executive order? This is related to Trump’s order directing federal agencies to reduce any potential burdens of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), shortly after he took office in January. For employers, an important part of employee benefits is being a reliable source for information your employees want and need to know. Many Human Resources personnel are asked a lot of questions by employees, some of them on topics that don’t relate specifically to their job or their employer. We assist our clients with Compliance and HR Services that help them do their jobs better and serve their employees. So, when this information about the IRS process for individual tax returns was announced, Benefit Commerce Group saw it as important information for our employer clients. The IRS announced that it will go ahead and process tax returns on individuals—even if they do not indicate on their tax returns whether they had health insurance in 2016, as required by the ACA. At Benefit Commerce Group, we sent our clients an email about this announcement and an employee communication template they can use to provide this information and answer questions for their employees. We also emphasized that the IRS pointed out that this change in the process does not change the ACA law related to the Individual Mandate, and the IRS has indicated that it may follow up with questions about a tax return at a later date. The sample employee communication template that we provided to our clients includes a link to the IRS webpage with more information about its announcement. Our employee communication template also advised that employees may want to print the page of the IRS website that is included in our link and take it to their tax preparer, or refer to it themselves if they are preparing their tax return themselves. In addition to the email communication updates we send to our clients:  At no additional cost, all of our clients have direct access to ThinkHR, the industry’s most trusted compliance and HR solution. ThinkHR services include: Live Team – Get answers to your HR and Compliance questions 11 hours a day, often the same day, from Certified HR experts. Comply – This is our comprehensive resource center, including forms, checklists and tools, Employee Handbook Builder. Learn Pro – Direct access to 200+ online courses.  Our clients have unlimited use.  This is a money-saving way to add training for your HR staff. Mobile app –ThinkHR resources can be accessed from anywhere. If you would like to know more about how Benefit Commerce Group keeps our clients up-to-date on this type of information they need to best serve their employees—or you want to discuss your employee benefit program with a consultant that understands your needs and your challenges, email us at info@benefitcommerce.com or call 480-515-5010.