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At Benefit Commerce Group, we continually assist our clients in helping their employees better understand their employee benefits.

Surprise balance billing on an out-of-network basis is one important topic for employees to understand. This is particularly important (and frustrating!) when the employee or family member intentionally has used an in-network facility to control their costs.

Our clients now have a new flyer and video to use to help employees in this situation:
Don’t Pay That Medical Bill…Yet.

LINK to the flyer. 
Link to the video. 

NOTE: There are changes coming for surprise billing in January 2022. Alera Group will be issuing an alert on those changes. However, for 2021, the recommendations provided in this video and one-pager are still valid.

The video (less than 3 minutes) and the flyer provide some first steps on what to do before paying the bill:
1. Check your EOB
2. Call the Claims Customer Service number on your health insurance ID card
3. Ask to set up a monthly payment, if needed

For more information on these resources and how Benefit Commerce Group develops new tools and support for its clients, contact us at info@benefitcommerce.com or call 480-515-5010.