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BCG Featured in New Dee Edington Book | Benefit Commerce Group

Put this on your must-read list of business books: Shared Values, Shared Results — Positive Organizational Health as a Win-Win Philosophy Dee Edington, the “father of workplace wellness programs,” told us he included Benefit Commerce Group in his book because we took a concept that was previously applicable only for very large employers and scaled it for the mid-market, where it’s really needed. His earlier book, Zero Trends: Health as a Serious Economic Strategy, set the stage for many employers to take a new and serious look at workplace wellness. Dee Edington is not in the insurance business; he is an academician, with a Ph.D, trained in mathematics, kinesiology, and biochemistry. He strongly believes that only by focusing on wellness will we ever make a dent in rising healthcare costs. And employers have an important role in encouraging wellness among their employees and employees’ families. Benefit Commerce Group is featured in the book in two places: – Measuring and Communicating What Matters – Case Studies: Current and Next Practices The information in the book is based on a Case Study we provided to Dee Edington last year. Read more…