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BCG Employees Volunteer for Canine Day at AZ Humane Society | Benefit Commerce Group

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Saturday was a great dog day! Our BCG employee volunteers and some of their family members bathed several dogs and got on a first-name basis with many residents of the kennel. As part of our BCG Cares Committee activities, a group of 10+ volunteered for a Canine Play Day at the Arizona Humane Society. These energetic individuals played with the dogs, gave them baths and some added attention in their kennels and delivered treats for them.  These activities are designed to stimulate all five canine senses and keep the dogs healthy and happy until they find their new homes! Important note:  There were 2 dogs that we bathed who were adopted by the time we left!  The Humane Society sent us a note afterwards, thanking us for our time and energy: “Your group was so paw-tastic!! We are so thankful for the difference you made for our canine friends. By the end of your morning with us, they were so calm and happy thanks to your baths, love and treats. These are gifts that mean the world to a shelter pup in a kennel. We are truly grateful for the impact you made for our pets and organization!” For more information on this organization visit their website: www.azhumane.org