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Our 4th Annual Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey Is Open! – No Cost to Employers | Benefit Commerce Group

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How do your employee benefits stack up to competing employers?  Find out — at NO COST to you. With health insurance changing so much during the last year — not to mention to changes that are coming in the next couple of years — it is critical to participate in this survey and gain access to this important data that you cannot obtain elsewhere. Our 4th Annual Arizona Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey will show you the details you need to know on how your benefits compare.  The survey was designed by the world’s largest and most respected actuarial firms. This survey is the largest and most comprehensive mid-market survey in Arizona—and participants have access to the data AT NO COST. Participants in our past surveys have said: ⦁    “I did not realize how strong our benefit package was until I had the AZ Benefits Benchmarking survey results.” ⦁    “I learned a lot.  We made some changes, and I look forward to seeing how our program stacks up to other employers this year.” Don’t miss this opportunity for benchmarking that is specifically designed for mid-size employers (50-5,000 employees) — to compare your employee benefits against other employers in Arizona and nationally. It’s more important than ever to know how your employee benefits compare to other employers—to help you attract and retain quality talent. Do you know how your benefits stack up? (and where they need improvement?) Participants will find out: –where they need to make their benefits stronger –where they are already ahead of competing employers –how to save money and bring innovative new benefits into their programs Benefit Commerce Group brings this valuable benchmarking survey to Arizona through our strategic relationship with the world’s largest and most respected actuarial firm. In 2016, nearly 300 Arizona employers participated.  We anticipate over 350 Arizona employers will participate this year…don’t miss out on your opportunity to receive this data. This 4th Annual Survey will provide you data to compare: •    Plan designs and premiums •    Employee and employer contribution strategies •    Cost controls and future initiatives •    Wellness and disease management View a sample of the results from our 2016 Survey.    By participating in this survey, you’ll receive (ALL AT NO COST TO YOU): * Invitation to our exclusive Results Seminar at a breakfast meeting on June 6th at the Arizona Biltmore. * Your own Individual Custom Report–comparing your benefit programs to other employers in Arizona and nationwide. * Data specifically targeted for mid-sized Arizona employers not available elsewhere. * NEW THIS YEAR!  Improved Survey Output & Results.  In addition to your summary report, we can provide you comprehensive real-time interactive benchmarking by industry, size and type of organization. * NEW THIS YEAR!  “Best in Benefits” awards for participating employers with highest total value of their benefit programs. PARTICIPATE IN THE 2017 SURVEY TODAY!   We look forward to sharing the results of this survey with you at our Seminar on June 6th, 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity to benchmark your employee benefits–AT NO COST TO YOU. If you would like to find out more, please email us at info@benefitcommerce.com.