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February 2020 | Benefit Commerce Group

Our 7th Annual AZ Benefits Benchmarking Survey is NOW OPEN!

Here is a great way for AZ employers to get the data they need to make data-driven decisions on their employee benefits—AT NO COST TO EMPLOYERS.Our 7th annual Arizona Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey is NOW OPEN!! Last year, over 350 Arizona employers participated! Don’t be left out!With the economy booming, especially in Arizona, it has never

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Empathy-Based Listening at Accelerent/BCG Breakfast; 7th Annual AZ Employee Benefits Benchmarking

Want to know the number one tool for building trust and positive relationships—in all areas of your life?Eric Maddox says it is “empathy-based listening.”  And he knows a lot about listening and achieving goals. He collected the intelligence which directly led to the capture of Saddam Hussein, and he is the author of Mission: Black List:

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