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Get ahead of rising costs. Change your approach to benefits & make data-driven decisions.

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There’s never been a better time to have an Advocate like BCG. As the cost of employee benefits rise, and the burden to comply with and administer benefits increases, BCG firmly believes the traditional way of approaching benefits is non-sustainable. In today’s market, employee benefits need to reflect the organization’s culture and goals, engage employees and provide innovative ways to control costs. Our strategies do just that. The vision is to treat employee benefits with the same strategy focus that organizations use with other parts of their operations. We are committed to changing the employee benefit cost paradigm, one company at a time…as your advocate and partner.


Our Core Competencies empower us to achieve significant results for our clients. When you review our Success Stories, you will see proof of those results. We have saved more than $55 million over 5 years for a subset of 33 of our clients that we studied and we are transparent in our objectives and operations: ``We say what we are going to do and we do what we say.``


Custom-tailored strategies, benefit design, CDHPs and other solutions, balancing costs and increasing savings over time.


Comprehensive and proactive process to track and assure timely and accurate implementation and ongoing support.


Developed with a strict focus on progress, with planned meetings, events and tracking of milestones and priorities.


Designed to educate employees, promote wellness programs and maximize your benefit programs, including mobile app.


In-house actuarial staff providing detailed health plan analysis, financial modeling, budgeting and forecasting. Plus: population health analytics & predictive modeling.


Suite of services to reduce HR staff time and provide easy access to training and answers to HR and compliance questions.


Experience with multiple platforms supporting enrollment, HR, employee communications, compliance, utilization & more.


Meaningful wellness strategies, implementation and engagement. Our exclusive Trend Neutralizer program guarantees ROI.


Arizona Employee Benefits Benchmarking Survey

7th ANNUAL SURVEY - 2020!

Benefit Commerce Group exclusively offers this survey in Arizona. This survey allows you to benchmark your employee benefits nationally AND against other Arizona mid-size employers (50-5,000 employees).

Take Survey Now
  • Shared results of the survey
  • Individual custom report
  • Online comprehensive analysis and comparison available
  • Information helps you measure the value and cost of your benefits

Our Blog

A collection of articles about Benefit Commerce Group, as well as the concerns and happenings of the Employee Benefit and Healthcare Insurance industries.

Our 7th Annual AZ Benefits Benchmarking Survey is NOW OPEN!

Here is a great way for AZ employers to get the data they need to make data-driven decisions on their employee benefits—AT NO COST TO ...

Empathy-Based Listening at Accelerent/BCG Breakfast; 7th Annual AZ Employee Benefits Benchmarking

Want to know the number one tool for building trust and positive relationships—in all areas of your life?Eric Maddox says it is “empathy-based listening.”  And ...

BCG Jumps 11 Places Higher in This Year’s ‘Best Places to Work’ Ranking

For the 5th year in a row, Benefit Commerce Group was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Phoenix area at ...

We are featured in: In Business magazine

A little over a month ago, we were contacted by the publisher of In Business magazine, asking us to be profiled in their December 2019 ...

We Are Rated One of ‘Best Places to Work’—For the 5th Year in a Row

For the 5th year in a row, Benefit Commerce Group has received finalist honors as one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Phoenix ...

RU-DY, RU-DY, RU-DY! — Inspires at Accelerent/Benefit Commerce Group Breakfast

Visualize where you want to be and where you want to go. Even if you are not a football fan or football historian, you probably ...

A Capacity Crowd AGAIN at Our Accelerent Sept. 26th Breakfast Event

Build loyalty by making life safer, easier and better for your customers, employees and other relationships. James Kane says loyalty is all in your head. ...

BCG Employees Volunteer for Canine Day at AZ Humane Society

Saturday was a great dog day! Our BCG employee volunteers and some of their family members bathed several dogs and got on a first-name basis ...

BCG Supports 2019 Fiesta de los Bomberos in Tucson

We are pleased to announce that Benefit Commerce Group is a proud sponsor of the Silent Auction for this year’s Fiesta de los Bomberos. The ...

Our Clients Receive 48 Wellness Council Awards; BCG Honored with Organization Gold Seal Renewal & 3 Individual Awards

The Wellness Council of Arizona’s 34th Annual Meeting & Awards event on September 5th recognized our clients with 48 awards for exceptional commitment and achievements ...

Infinity Trading & Solutions (ITS)

Benefit Commerce Group’s guidance and support allowed us to lower employee contributions without reducing benefits and increase our funding of employees’ HSAs. They have put us in a strong competitive position for recruiting new employees with a rich benefit plan and consequently, have been our partner in the exceptional success of our Healthcare & Wellness Programs and Strategy since 2013.    They analyzed our data, restructured our benefits and contributions and implemented their Trend Neutralizer program using best practices in wellness and consumerism. Their programs helped us achieve 100 percent participation in health assessment and biometric screening, moving our employees into a “wellness mode” of thinking. 


We have won many awards over the years.  See below or for your convenience view a vertical timeline.

  • BCG & 48 client awards

    BCG & 48 client awards

  • BCG & 12 client awards

    BCG & 12 client awards

  • Best Places to Work Winner
    BCG Award 4th Year

    Best Places to Work Winner<br />BCG Award 4th Year

  • Wellness Council of Arizona
    BCG & 28 Client Awards

    Wellness Council of Arizona<br />BCG & 28 Client Awards

  • Inc. 5000 BCG Award– 4-Year Honoree

    employee benefits firm - inc5000 award

  • BCG & 21 Client Awards

    healthiest employer benefit commerce

  • BCG Award 3rd Year

    best places to work pbj winner

  • BCG & 29 Client Awards

    BCG & 29 Client Awards

  • BCG Award—3-Time Honoree


  • BCG Named Among Top 50 Small Business Industry Leaders

    BCG Named Among Top 50 Small Business Industry Leaders

  • BCG & 14 Client Awards

    healthiest employers 2017 award logo

  • BCG Award

    BCG Award

  • BCG & 24 Client Awards

    BCG & 24 Client Awards

  • BCG Award


  • BCG & 14 Client Awards

    employee benefits firm - healthiest employers award logo

  • 13 BCG Client Awards

    13 BCG Client Awards

  • BCG Award

    BCG Award

  • BCG Award – Top 25%


  • BCG & 7 Client Awards

    employee benefits firm - healthiest employers award logo

  • BCG Client Award: Innovative Plan Design and Implementation

    employee benefits firm - IHC logo

  • 18 BCG & Client Awards

    18 BCG & Client Awards

  • BCG & 9 Client Awards

    employee benefits firm - healthiest employers award logo

  • 18 BCG & Client Awards

    18 BCG & Client Awards

  • 4 BCG Client Awards

    employee benefits firm - healthiest employers award logo

  • BCG Award: Most Innovative Broker
    BCG Client Award: Most Effective Population Health Management

    employee benefits firm - IHC logo

  • BCG & 3 Client Awards

    BCG & 3 Client Awards

  • BCG Client Award

    employee benefits firm - healthiest employers award logo

  • BCG Awards: Industry Innovator & Most Innovative Broker

    employee benefits firm - IHC logo

  • BCG Named in Top Ten Consumer Driven Health Plan Advisors in Nation

    consumer directed health care logo